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Had the Cortech Super Mini for quite some time. Fits well and works well for a season, but not made for long term durability apparently, as both zippers broke off and the neoprene bottom material started to break down and deteriorate.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and get the Wolfman Express tank bag. Reasons:

-Durable/long lasting
-Not ugly
-Actually sits flat on the faux tank so you can actually read the damn map!! There are lots of tank bags out there that are designed for a sloped tank. When they get mounted on the F800GS's flat faux tank, they point forward and away from the rider! Example: the Giant Loop one above.
-The map pocket will actually fit a map in it!
-Expands to twice it's height if needed
-4-point mount system mounts perfectly to the F800GS
-Doesn't interfere with the ignition
-Doesn't stick me in the nuts when riding standing up

The PERFECT tank bag for the F800GS IMO. Cheers!

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