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Visions of Newfoundland & Nova Scotia

So my planned ride to photograph parts of Newfoundland last year was postponed last year due to an Atlantic depression that pounded the Maritime. So this year itís finally is underway. 2 weeks off work and a fairly good handle of my new camera. I didnít know what I would encounter on this ride, it was 5,000 miles roundtrip. I did grab some cool shots, saw a lot of moose, plugged 3 holes from nails in the rear tire, before the tire wore out completely and I had to get a new one. Came within a second of death when a semi crossed the line on the Cabot Trail road, I got a small bruise on my elbow from??? the truck??? Well Iíll tell all this in the report.

Iíd been reading on the history of Newfoundland from the fishing industry POV, and it was really interesting. I took this book along for the ferry ride and rain stops. I did order Cod Au Gratin in NFLD, quite delicious.

I used this luggage setup so I could lock up my stuff when away from the bike for extended times. Manfrotto 190XB tripod is in the same bag as the $12 campchair and the tripod went with me on most of my hikes. Halfdome tent under that. Camera and lenses in the tank bag. Sleeping bag, rain gear (used a lot), cookset, clothes, towel/toileties, parts/tools, chargers/batteries, journal and maps in the luggage. Nice thing is that I had a lot of extra room.

So I took off Saturday morning under a warm sun. Mrs Donnymoto gave a nice escort out to the highway. Bye!!

On i95 crossing the George Washington Bridge into New York it backed up and got HOT. I knew it would be about the only warm riding Iíd get on the trip. Was right about that. In Maine after some chowder, I saw a little rain that night. 14 days on the road, only 4 had no rain. But several days had sun.

Here's a little jump forward to some of my photo grabs... Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.

Next: onward to Nova Scotia!
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