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Heh, 28 degrees celsius and my fan starts to run pretty much constantly in traffic. The aux fan setup must be good if you really don't get more than 4 bars. Too bad it's expensive and it pretty much doesn't matter if the OEM fan runs constantly, as long as it runs. Irritating sound, that's all.
The issue is that at slow speed above something like 35-40 deg some bikes overheat to the point of shutdown with the OEM fan running constantly. (Read the first post) Its possible some of those guys had other cooling system issues too...who knows, but Cyborg (the OP) at least has been around the block a time or two, and would know if this was a necessity under those conditions. I have the second fan ready to install when I do my next valve service but mine runs cooler since ditching the cats for a 2-1 setup. Yet to ride slow in very hot weather this year to really see how much has changed.

I dont think its that expensive a mod either - under $50 for the bracket and my fan was about $40 (60 from advmachines). Seems like pretty cheap insurance to me, especially when you effectively have a backup cooling system in the event of a fan failure in the middle of nowhere.
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