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Completed install of Rigid Dually (amber) and Clear Water Kristas. I mounted the Kirsta on an EZ mount (having removed my POS TT SCMR 16s after 3rd) and Dually's hanging off the crash bars.

I'm generally pleased but haven't done night ride and need to stand the test of time. Both kits could use a couple of improvements.

Most troublesome for me was the connector box on the Kristas as short leads were very limiting in its placement. The 'volume' control for dimming is conveniently located on the left mirror mount but both lights and volume have to connect to the relay box and there's no lengthening the set up. I tried several places but ultimately ended up in the maelstrom that exists under the beak. It should be in the upper fairing on the left side.

There are a bunch of wires on the Kristas - which adds nice capability but lots of routing. As the connector box is under the beak, I ran the power source to the right side of the bike and everything else on the left (flash, horn, volume, switched x 2)

The Dually kit was good save the switch. The switch has a very thin concealment ring and rather than use a nut on back to fasten relies on a pinch mechanism - I solved the jiggle with a couple of extra zip ties. Both switches seem a bit aggressive with their LED 'On' indicators. Each is blazing red and seem brighter than some stock head lamps. Might be a bit distracting at night. I'd prefer happy green and half the lumens.

I took the time to wrap all wires with extra sleeve for abrasion, heat and to avoid the high school science fair look.

As part of this install, I added an Eastern Beaver PC8 with 30 amp shorty kit and canbus resistror I was hoping to tidy up the rats nest I had on the battery but may have made it worse. The box gives me 6 switched and 2 un-switched circuits. It seems well made but placement on the f8gs was sub optimal - not much space to work with. I'm running a Shorai battery and without its small footprint not sure I could have fit it. And now, if I need a replacement battery and Shorai is not available I'm going to need to make several adjustments.

Edit 4/11/12 - > Might want to read Wisman's Shorai test if you are considering this battery.

How about some pics.

Bench full of wires, wrap, heat shrink, connectors etc.

Playing with layout

Switch upgrade wanted on the Dually

FN Krista connector box with short leads and no options

Third placement has the reach, stormy real estate though


Where it ought to be (and final wiring from the top)

Dimmer just right of ABS kill

Feeding the PC8

Everything I needed except for

the toilet plunger I used to jam in the relay for the PC8

Dually only

Dually & Krista's ignited at 80% (no stock lamp burning)

Krista on minimum setting

Full frontal probably shortened the life of my pas sensor

PS - 8/18/11

A couple of things I wanted to add but didn't have pics or bits for:

1st is power to relay charging the switched circuits on the PC8. I used the f8gs special connector (white plug to yellow wire / posi connect at center of pic,) found the hot and clipped the other wires. Ran positive into PC8 which means the switched circuits cut out a minute or few (I've never timed it) after the bike is shut off. The PC8 has un-switched circuits which I use for GPS - more better.

Also -

Clearwater Kristas dim but can be connected to horn / brights to instant up to 100%. I skipped the horn because I didn't like wire set up with steering range - could be worked around if you planned for it but the way my wires were fixed it wasn't worth it to me.

I did want brights to fire Kristas to 100%. This is a nice feature as you can run them as night markers @20% then when alone hit the brights and cook the critters stalking you. Kill the brights and drop from 100% back to dimmer setting. Perfect.

I ran the wire (white) up through the vent for the bright and used a posi tap to connect hots. It's tight in there but works.

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