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The Apache reservation

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I broke camp by 10am. I was in no hurry. BTW, there should be a law against being on tour and in a hurry. I went by the wasn't really open but a geezer was there doing something so he let me in for a web session. He was a husband of one of the ladies that I met yesterday at the library. He said that she told him that a mtn man was in there yesterday.
I reckon I needed some house breaking and a clean up.

Anyway I got out of El Rito before noon. I had about 3/4 tank of fuel....I figured I was in good shape gas wise, but I had to remember that the DR was low so I couldn't count on that for much gas.
I drove up to Tres Piedres, no gas there.
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It would be 60 more miles east on 64 before gas could be found. I didn't know if I could make the sixty, and I wasn't sure that the next town had gas as it's map letters were the same size as Tres Piedres. I elected to go back 30 miles to Taos for gas.
It was just as well that I did because that took me past/over Taos Mesa where all the Earthships were built. Earthships are weird ultra green houses that I've seen in pictures. There must be 25 of them on that Mesa....most too far away for camera shots. They are all similar to this one. See the others in the back ground?
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As I passed the Rio Grande Gorge the vendor were out in full force.
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Now I was back to heading west on 64 ultimately with Bloomfield or Aztec as the goal for today, Wednesday.
Hwy 64 was a beauty. It went up to 10500 and was spectacular with both scenery and road surface.
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I gassed up in Tierra Amarilla before I cut across the Apache Res at Lake Heron
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This route took me between Heron and Vado lakes, then it would spit me out on a dirt road as I entered the Apache Res.
The Indian Road started out poorly, and I was worried that I might get into some soft sand, but that wasn't the case. Let me say here that the big tires on the trailer let it roll easily in sand
I wound through a beautiful canyon. The road got better and better till I was again on pavement. I breathed a sigh of relief and began to enjoy the ride again.
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This village looked like summer shacks bay a lake on the Res.
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I spent the rest of the day marveling at the landscape naturally, but more than that at the amount of Oil drilling Gobernador to Bloomfield and north to Aztec.
I arrived in Bloomfield at about 6pm, and looked for a motel room, but there were none. I moved on to Aztec and found a nice room at the Enchantment Inn.
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I retired after McDonald for dinner and used the free wifi for a few hour before going to sleep. I had less than a hundred miles to go tomorrow. I'd have to find a scenic route.......
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