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I am avidly engaged in a number of sports that are considered by most people to be dangerous (whitewater kayaking, back country skiing, alpine climbing). That said, none come even close to the danger of riding a motorcycle on the streets. When you add in that most of my riding is done in developing countries with terrible road safety records, riding is by far the most dangerous thing I do.

The empirical data for serious injury or death from motorcycle accidents is gruesome." Per vehicle mile traveled, motorcyclists' risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than a passenger car."

OTH, these dangers can be mitigated in several ways. Wearing helmets, distantly followed by other safety gear can improve your chances greatly. The 2 most common types of serious moto accidents involve either the rider going around a corner too fast or having an automobile fail to yield the right of way in urban/suburban settings (usually a motorist turning left in front of an oncoming moto). Most accidents occur within a few miles of the rider´s home. These 2 causes can be reduced by riding style and keeping urban/suburban travel to a minimum. The other major contributing factors are darkness and drunkeness.

Obviously, safety can be greatly increased by behavior with rider´s control. Serious off pavement injuries or deaths occur at a fraction of the rate of on public road accidents. are these risks worth assuming? Only each individual can answer that.

I personally avoid daily commuting because of the risk involved and becuase I personally don´t find commuting via moto to be that much more rewarding than driving. I don´t ride about town much for the same reasons. Others draw their lines much differently.
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