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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
He comes from a professional film making background and wants to keep it tight. That means it flows better, is more straight to the point, shorter clips, high quality clips, lots of little features along the way. And thats what we basically have now.

Any quick thoughts before I finalise this thing?
Yes, edit, edit, edit.

Then edit it again.

I rarely watch any of the posted helmet cam videos, because each 3 minute clip represents about 30 seconds of good video.

Like it or not, consumers of video are used to heavy editing and time compression and anything that plays woefully to the fantasies of fanatics the likes of your typical ADVff will fail miserably anywhere else.

It's my opinion to shoot high quality, in excellent light on every shot, and forget the filler stuff. Longer is not necessarily better, except for the ego of the filmaker.
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