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Thread Index Part Deux

A big thanks to ChrisC for being the sacrificial lamb to make way for a contiguous Part II to the Index. Here was his post:

Originally Posted by ChrisC
Holy sheisse, Meat.....nice job!

Any more kids and you'll be writing books.....
Now please join me in a warm round of applause for warewolf:

who just finished reformatting this portion of the index. As you can see, not only are the links embedded in the thread titles (easy on the eyes no?), but he has also taken the trouble to detail each thread title when there was a list of threads. I appreciate the help!

Part Deux: Useful to Some
This post is now littered with threads that are likely useful to more than a few but not to all. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, then CLICK HERE for threads that are probably only useful to a few inmates.

1. Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

I’m Pickin’ up Good Vibrations
She's givin' me excitation...

Chain Lube

Creeper wanted on the house phone – valve lash discussion with creeper

LC4 Post Carb clean sub-frame hitch.

Suggestions for a dragging LC4 clutch?

Goddamn bearing help – main bearing upgrade issues

What is the expected clutch life on an LC4?

Countershaft sprocket fell off yesterday on my 640. – discussion of torque and the spring washer

A noob question to make you guys roll on the floor and soil your shorts – problem shifting from neutral to first while stopped

Worried about lack of Cush Drive... any advice? – good discussion

03 640 Oil Level - note on error in the manual

What Is The Best Procedure For Changing Coolant In Ktm 640 Adv?

640 overflow problem

ktm 640 cooling system !!!! - burp

Anitifreeze boiling and venting out after service.

640 Adv Coolant

Radiator Repairs (JB Weld)

640 hiccups More

6th Gear for LC4?

Second Fan on the LC4
640 Adv DUAL radiator fans guide
Mounting a right-side fan on a 640 Adventure
640 Adventure Fan
and WageSlave's Second Fan Installation
I Did It!!
AND sdmdm8's wiring the second fan discussion

Spark Plug Threads
What's your Spark Plug choice for the LC4?
Brisk Spark Plug in 640

02 640A Leakin' Oil - shift shaft seal leak

lc4 overheating on the road

2. Carburetion, Exhaust and Other Highly Contested Subjects

Efficiency… Tank Range… OK, so how far can I go?
LC4 Adv. normal fuel range...?

Many Exhaust Threads
Supertrapp IDS2 on '03 KTM Adventure
REVIEW: Wings Superflow Ti Exhaust Pipe for KTM 640 Adv
SXC Exhaust on 03 LC4 Adventurer
WINGS Exhaust Install and Review
Link to Creeper’s KTMTalk exhaust post
A Crap o’ Vetch writeup
Akrapovic full system report/write up
European version of the LC4 silencer modification

Help an idiot. 640 Adv carb question

Creeper's post on what makes this carb different from that carb...

BST Discussions
640 Carb Parts And Bogging "UPDATE" !!!!!!!
lc4 enduro bogging after jumps?
Loaded's preamble to the BST idle mixture screw
Arch's BST tuning post
yet another LC4e hiccup thread
Cult of the BST ONLY
Yet more musings on the BST40 bog

Throttle Stop on my Beloved BST?!? Not unless you are a new EU rider...
BST 40 17mm throttle slide stop

FCR Threads
Installing a used 39mm FCR-MX on a ’03 640 Adventure - Creeper defects!
Keihin MX FCR 39 on an 03 640 Adv?
Fcr41... to mx or not to mx?
more questions for the gurus re: FCR-41 carb on a 640
FCR jetting
FCR Install?
una mas
ZipTy FCR idle mixture screw in a BST
vrago's Review of the Power Now Velocity Stack for the FCR carb
ScaryFast Power Now Intake Baffle

OMFG, a rational comparison of the BST to a FCR...

3. Chassis (Bodywork) and Controls (Cockpit)

KTM 640 Adv Steering head lock jammed

LC4 Damper Threads ChrisC approved spelling!
640 ADV Scotts under bar mount interest?
steering damper ... which?
Loaded's Scotts Damper Mounting for KTM
New Scotts Damper Mounting for KTM
Scott's dampers... street and dirt differences?
lc4 - emig clamp on post for scotts steering damper install

Replacement/Upgrade horn on the KTM LC4 Adv

GPS Mounting Threads
Adventure GPS mounting option...
Sherpa’s Custom GPS Mount

LC4 Windscreen Threads
KTM Advenure Windscreen
Mounted a F650 windshield to my 640 Adventure tonight
KTM 640 Adv windshield mod idea

LED Brake Light vs. OEM on '03 KTM 640 ADV

Estimating fuel level on 640 Adv?

Which Fancy Saddle to Replace this Board?
KTM 640 Adventure Seat
KTM Adventure seat
KTM 950/640 comfort seats coming soon!
Adventure R comfort seat?
2nd Opinion on seat
Replacement seat for KTM 640 AdventureR...

badmunkie’s Idiot Light Catalogue
640 Idiot Lights... Year by Year

lc4 2 - up? – passenger?

Creeper’s "I'm Bored" Thread or how to paint your LC4a
So... I had nothing better to do, again.

broken petcock

4. Electrical

Grip Heater wiring

grip heaters - best ones for 640 adventure?

640 LC4 headlight relay

Electrical woes on KTM

640 Adventure rear brake light switch – Luke’s on the clock

640 adv - unused electrical connectors up front... – electrical info from Luke

wiring harness organization – molex connector info from Luke

Real Question 03 640 Adv – just more electrical info from Luke

LC4 voltage problems – Luke again

Electrical help 640 ADV – battery testing

LC4 Rear hub with Excel Rim – battery testing???

Neutral Light Always on. '06 640 Adv.

KTM wiring loom connector blocks

640 Adventure Electrical Reliability

Earthscape's More Power Solution for the LC4 - TROUBLESHOOTING…

$3 odometer mode switch

HID and Other Lighting Threads
Dual HID Lights
lc4 hid light
Trail Tech HID light has arrived...
640 and more light
640 Adv Cockpit Project

Wiring Diagram for Running Both High and Low Beams Together missing…
640a High beam / low beam / combo beam?
LC4 adventure High/Low beam running together mod

Alternative Lifestyles (stock battery got ya down?)
Is there a better battery for the LC4 640? And, if not, who has the best Yuasa price?
Odyssey PC310 battery for a KTM 640 – NOT EASILY!

Alternative to Tripmaster on Adventure

5. Suspension and Wheels and Brakes

rear sprocket bearing $89.00 !!!!

Rim locks on Adv 640

Penny-Tech valve stem pull-thru tool
– creeper was bored again?

LC4 Main Swingarm shaft/nut removal....

Check out my stacks---Zerodog's fork mods

Which way to adjust rear rebound 640 ADV

640 Adventure fork springs – diameter and length

640 ADV Forks – changing springs

Fork oil strangeness


Rear shock on LC4 / Adventure – maintenance indications?

$77.49 for a forkseal? LC4 – Synergy Seals now available

Neoprene fork gaiter?

LC4 rear wheel bearings

KTM LC4 625 SXC Brake Issue - bleeding

So you wanna lower the LC4…

Brakes Squealing?
Brakes Squeaking New Bike - fix it Q?
KTM Adv. hissing brakes
LC4 Adventure question
640 ADV - New To Me - Brake Noise
adv 640 wheel squeal driving me mad
Anyone Hear Loaded Squeal???
Broken Spokes?

More Tire Threads (woefully incomplete)
Another tire thread - Best Front offroad tire for 640 Adventure?
Tire question - TKC80's on a 640 Adv??
Need new tires for 640 lc4

ktmnate's Bead Breakin' Mambo!
Yogoi's repost of desmofan's bead breakin' tool

6. Other

640 Adventure Tank Bag Review

Which LC4 for me?(actually just Mack's post )
Which bike to buy...same ole question


External LinksHigh-Performance Seating by Renazco Racing
aka Renazco Racing Seats

Woody’s Wheel Works KTM Wheel Thread
KTM wheel and tubeless tire solutions

Insight Cylinder Service Send your LC4 to Creeper.

Loadedagain's Machine Shop (bar end weights, bar risers, BST mixture screws, etc.)
BST 40 Idle Screw
Send Loadedagain a PM

External Links Adventurer's Workshop (afetke)

Woody’s 2005 prices for KTM Superlace wheels

Other Forums and Sites with LC4 Info:

External Link OZ Vintage KTM Website

External Link KTM Talk’s LC4 forum

External Link German KTM Adventure Forum(thanks Happe)
KTM Adventure Forum
Kays KTM, Enduro und Schrauberpage
Carlos KTM Seite
Thanks again Happe!

External Links KTM Yahoo Groups
(Duke specific)

External Links Witzgall's Blog
Equipment review
Equipment review

External Links Horizons Unlimited KTM forum
WITH: Horizon's Unlimited LC4 Maintenance Thread
FIXED - Thanks overlandr!

MonoManiacs Forum with the LC4

Cugino Pegaso's LC4 Links!
Kronreif Trunkenpolz Mattighofen LC4 640

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