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Though this thread has been quiet, I've been busy planning the next prerun. The logistics for prerunning are often a mess because we usually can only ride about half a stage each day due to unexpected problems with the planned route. Sometimes doing half a stage leaves us in the middle of nowhere, far from our supplies and beds. When we do end up in a nice location, it's often a hundred miles from our trucks and supplies.

It's really tough finding someone who wants to skip all the riding and drive a truck down the highway to meet us. This led me to add some "return" stages, and more loop stages so we can get back to our starting point without using pavement. The cool part of this is we get more fun miles, more stages, and more roadbooks for The Grand Rally. The overall length is now at 3379 miles (5440km). With a lot more prerun planning still ahead, itís pretty clear weíll be up around 4000 miles (6400km) when itís all done. Wooohooooo!
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