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Originally Posted by lemieuxmc View Post
A 9mm that fires when you need it is preferable to a 5.56 that is jammed in the chamber.

The 5.56 is a great round, the M4 is a POS.

Ruger Mini-14 is way better.

Doesn't that guy know that smoking is dangerous?
Ummm... with all due respect, now. I seem to remember that you are in the military so I will not debate any anecdotal experience you have, but I will respectfully say that your opinion of both the M4 and the Mini-14 are far out of the mainstream. Even most M4 detractors can't stand the Mini-14 due to its magazine issues, accuracy, sights, and ability to deal with dirt and sand.

I will say that the 11.5" barrel pictured is not the most reliable thing on the planet, but the 14.5" on the M4 sure seems to work well. I would trust my ass to one.
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