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I needs more than phone calls

Hereís my situation. I commute to work daily and would like to receive calls on my Palm Pre cell phone, I understand it has blue tooth, but have never used it. BTW I have 0 experience with Blue Tooth. I ainít gonna call anybody while riding, so outgoing calls are irrelevant. Also, I assume that a pillion would be able to communicate with the rider via the bike to bike feature as long as they have their own unit right?

Occasionally, I ride with touring riders who use CBís to communicate. I use a cobra hand held model with a simple wired headset and push to talk. Itís clunky to set up and easy pull loose a wire or disable it in some other way. It works, but it's annoying.

I ride dual sport frequently with a different helmet, and there is less commonality with the DS riders, often we use UHF hand helds, but also the inexpensive GMRS/FRS radios available.

Iíve avoided Blue tooth because it only deals with one issue, the phone. I rarely ride with a passenger. If I can get a solution for the phone and CB, Iím willing to look at a different set up for the DS helmet. If I can get a solution for the dual sport as well, well that would be very welcome icing on the cake. How much of a solution can you offer? Thanks cr
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