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No. I would not. The Tiger 800 XC is:

-25 lbs heavier wet
-Has lower ground clearance, making certain parts (header in particular) seem very vulnerable
-A tad less suspension travel
-Has a much higher center of gravity due to the tank being in the normal up front, up high tank position (big negative in my book)
-Has a bigger tank, but reports say fuel consumption is higher, so range is equal between the two
-Rear shock linkage seems very low and vulnerable

The F800GS is:

-Has higher ground clearance
-A tad more suspension travel
-MUCH lower center of gravity due to tank being under the seat and down low
-Even though the tank is .8 gallons smaller, it still has a range of up to 200+ miles
-Has no vulnerable rear suspension linkage

PS in all the photos I've seen the rims are not Excel.
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