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I was at the local RAT meeting last night. Bob and Denise were there. They own six or eight bikes between the two of them, and Denise just took delivery on a Tiger 800. She told me she loves the bike, but it recently stalled 20 times during a short ride.

Naturally, the dealer disavowed any knowledge of this problem, but Denise says it's well known on the internet forums. She says the fix is to fit an $800 Arrow pipe and have the bike remapped accordingly. Not wanting to spend the money to fix her brand-new bike, Denise had it remapped without the pipe, which solved the stalling problem, but now the bike runs like shit.

I had similar problems on both my 2000 Sprint ST, long since sold, and my 2001 Sprint RS, which I love and ride often. After I had the RS's front and rear suspension upgraded, the bike stalled 17 times on the 20-mile ride home. Basically, whenever I slowed for a stop, the bike would stall. The dealer was unable to diagnose the problem and eventually re-flashed the ECM. This solved the stalling problem, but now the bike is either on high idle whenever it's in neutral, or it will flip-flop and idle normally in neutral but high in every other gear. I have learned to live with this, as it's more of a nuisance than a real problem.

I love my Sprint RS. It was cheap as hell to buy used, and with cartridge emulators, fresh Q2s and an Ohlins shock, it's super comfy and handles beautifully. But I would never--NEVER--buy a new Triumph. Not only is the resale value deplorable, but the bikes are buggy and the dealers are clueless. Just my $.02.
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