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Originally Posted by davevv View Post
Great report and some clever work on that trailer. Just out of curiosity, how many times has your bike been rebuilt in 200,000 miles?

I really enjoy the northern New Mexico area. I met my bride there in the summer of 1967. Her folks owned the Starr Trading Post in Red River at that time and I ended up working for them that summer. Turned out she was starting in the fall at the same university I'd been attending for two years and we've been together ever since.
Red River is a great little town.....but like all of them depending largely on tourism they are suffering from this depressed economy. Personally, I love being able to camp anywhere because there's lots of room in campgrounds and motels.

....about the Sabre, I've had it since 93, I think. It's been very reliable. At 170000 miles or so, I had a getoff in Baja and busted the radiator. I limped thru the trip adding water often. That caused a small head gasket leak that one day, a couple months later, got bigger.
I cooked the engine on a trip back from LA. So I put another engine, that I had, in it....then I tried to do a 50/50CC to Daytona a couple months later. At Ft Stockton Tx, I spun a bearing from lack of oil....completely my fault from not checking the oil.
So this time I found a 20000 mile engine and put that in about 4 years ago. I also put the final drive, out of the same bike in. So I figure I'm good to go. The bike ought to out last me.
If I hadn't gotoff in Baja, I'd still be on the original engine.

I like old bikes. Thanks to the SABMAG forum, I've been able to learn to work on the old girl. I'd rather have a bike that I can fix than have a bike that I probably won't need to fix, but can't fix if I have to. Plus I can leave my Sabre in a ditch somewhere and walk away if there's a big issue.

Spinning a bearing in Tx wasn't big enough. All I had to do was buy a 72 dodge van and bring that $100 POS home with me for repairs. I don't know what it would take to get me to leave her?
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