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Originally Posted by OMG_WTF View Post
I guess the 3 cylinder bike would be smoother on the road. Best of both worlds, really.
I personally don't have a problem with the f800 engine, though.
I think BMW did a great job with the design.
+1 on that.

Originally Posted by OMG_WTF View Post
I seriously don't think people will care about an extra 20 lbs of weight on the Triumph. Can you really tell?
Heck yeah you could tell. Not only is the 800XC 25 lbs heavier overall, but that damn 5 gallon gas tank is up so damn high on the bike. That makes 800XC feel like a tank compared to the low center of gravity the 800GS has. The 800XC feels like a 475 lb bike when you're riding it. Whereas, the F800GS feels like a 300 lb bike (thought it is not) when you're riding it.

Originally Posted by OMG_WTF View Post
Triumph made a great bike......and so did BMW....!!!
Agreed as well. However, we shouldn't forget that BMW did it first (and better IMO). The Tiger 800 XC is virtually a clone of the F800GS.... as in Triumph's attempt at a F800GS. Not very original.

Originally Posted by OMG_WTF View Post
It's too bad they made one that looks just like the f800gs, should look more distinct....that's like business 101 right there....
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