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From the beach (near Majia) we head up through Arequipa for lunch and find a place in Puno for the night. We hang out in Puno for two nights for a little rest. We tour out to the floating islands and catch some festivals.

The day after the festival we head out in the morning. The streets are empty. This is very strange because it seemed that the thousands of taxi's never stopped and never stopped honking.
As we head out of town we start to come across rocks and glass that had been tossed onto the road. Then we hit a group that had the road blocked.
We stop. Two guys start walking toward us with broken bottles in there hands. Another guy goes and lifts the barbwire barricade so we can pass under.
At this time we really dont have any idea whats going on. People are yelling at us as we go by, but they let us through the road blocks. It gose like this for about 30 miles. All the way through the town of Juliaca. It takes forever, and Milena has to get off and carry the boxes as I squeeze the bike past trucks that have been placed to block the road.
I wish we took more photo's, but at the time I didnt want to press our luck and piss some one off, or draw more attention.

Any bike can be taken off road. The question is; How much fun did you have doing it?

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