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I postponed buying a 800GS because of the 800XC. They really hyped the living f**k out of that bike with all of the teaser ads, etc. I wasn't in a hurry to buy a bike, so I waited to see them in person.

Neither bike is perfect, but the pros and cons kinda balance out - so which bike yanks your crank better? Buy THAT one. The fit and finish of the Tiger underwhelmed me, and some design aspects just didn't score points with me either.


Metal gas tank up high (considering what my Dakar had been through, it would be dented to hell.)
3 cylinders? I did just fine with 1 before. 2 is enough for a bike like this.
Engine hangs low and forward. Again, considering previous bike, I would definitely hit that thing.

There's more, but why bother. Some of these things are probably why it gets deemed the better 'road' bike of the two. And you bet your ass I'm not buying a first year anything. BMW has had 4 years of production to get mine right, so we'll see about that.

And by the way, I figured I would stop by the Tiger thread before I wrote this, and there are already posts about incurable stalling, overheating, corporate bike buybacks for defects - so don't let the reliability aspect sway you.

Again - both bikes are fine - just friggin' buy one and ride the crap out of it. Don't want any Tiger fans freakin' out over here in PU.
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