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It's hard to sort from coolaid and fact, but you guys posted some good stuff.

Griz, not to single you out, but from one video review I saw, I'll look for it, but not the MCN. The Tiger is rated better off road, and feels "much lighter" while the F800gs is better on road. Have you actually ridden both bikes?

Here it is, all of the reviewers seem to rate the triumph better

Someone mentioned the price: I can't find a F800gs that sells for MSRP, they all have standard package plus some dealer dough.

All of the dealers are pushing the tiger real hard. Even the ones that sell the F800gs also. I don't know why, every time I asked about the F800gs, I was steered back to the tiger. Must be some kind of triumph incentive that BMW isn't giving?

I agree that the tiger looks like a poor imitation of the F800gs, however the materials and build quality do look better, though that is subjective. I think the f800 looks much better, and the bmw emblem on the side is icing on the cake.

Honestly, I don't know how much dirt riding I will do, and the dirt riding I will do will not be terribly serious. I won't be able to do a world tour for quite a while until I finish school, so that puts the F800gs with it's fuel issues back in the running.

The big issue with the f800 is the seat on the tiger is much more comfortable. What after market options do I have for the f800?

Thanks for the replys, if only I could find a dealer that would let me test ride either or even both. I can't believe they are trying to sell me a bike without letting me test ride either of them.
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