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Progress Report 7-7-11

Tonight I started stripping both the new donor bike as well as my regular ride. This allowed me to start test fitting the pieces to see what will and won't work. The Works Performance shocks will definitely fit, and although they are sprung for a much heavier rider, it looks as though the SW springs might fit and would be a little softer. The nicer seat went right on, but the CV carbs interfere with the forward edges of the hand made side panels. Since I am considering changing to the slide type carbs that may not be an issue. The exhaust should go right on, but I want to get new exhaust port gaskets before bolting these on. I think after I get everything test fit and decide exactly what to use, I will tear it all down and give it a good cleaning before final reassembly. Still pondering whether to continue on with the "barn fresh" look, or go ahead with some fresh paint and detailing.

On another note, I did talk to PNW AHRMA rep Randy Skiver today, to see what will or won't be legal to use and determined that the TT500 rear wheel is too new to use. Other than that, the only other real issue is to check travel front and rear and make sure it does not exceed 4" rear and 7" front.

What would John Penton do?
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