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Originally Posted by ScienceOfDirt View Post
I guess there's no reason not to go with option one then. Let me know how it looks when you get it.
It came in the mail yesterday. It's even smaller than I expected, and will fit almost any nook or cranny you have available. The metal bits are assembled perfectly and are very nicely finished. Overall it's a lovely little setup.

I need to pick up some nice strong rope to use with it now I guess. I do have one tow strap that I carry, and I guess that will serve for anchoring one end. I almost can't wait now for my buddy Ron to drop his 1200GS off the side of a trail again.

I'll try to take and post some pictures of the thing later today, but that's iffy. My phone has been acting up lately and I'm never sure if it will be perfectly usable or if it will act like gremlins are running over the surface of the touch-screen.
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