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Hi, looks like you're finding your way around this place

Nope, no one's in charge, it's really kind of a loose association based on who's wants to make the effort.

This thread is set up as a way to organize a group dinner/gab session for East Bay riders. You're closer to the East Bay than me, and they let me join once, so you should be good too .

What kind of riding experience do you have? Do you like off-road stuff? I checked your profile but couldn't really tell...

I tend toward solo riding & off-road myself, but there are often people posting in the West regional threads looking for people to join them on rides.

Group rides are often less enjoyable for my tastes, mostly because I prefer to set my own pace and find myself focusing more on staying with the group than enjoying the ride, or improving my riding skills, as I can when I'm by myself. But that's just me. There's probably a hint in there as well as to why I've only made one of these meet & eats...

There seems to be a pretty active BMW NorCal owner's group that schedules monthly rides--have you checked there? Also, Adventure Designs in Hayward has monthly rides on Saturdays leaving from their shop.

Anyway, welcome, and enjoy the ride!
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