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Originally Posted by Ceri JC View Post
^The above is what would seal the deal for me if you were interested in taking it on anything more challenging than fire roads. For my strength/ability/size the weight is not the limiting factor in offroading the F8. Nor is it the quality of the suspension. By a loooong way, the single greatest limiting factor I find is ground clearance. As the Triumph is lower still, I think you will have problems using it on anything remotely like "proper" offroad.

For a 100% roadbike? I'd be very interested in the Tiger.
+1, after riding and thoroughly inspecting the 800XC up close, I'd have to agree.

In my opinion the F800GS is a good 60/40 bike... as on 60% on road (pavement) and 40% off road (gravel roads, dirt roads, 2-track ATV/Jeep trails, etc - no single track). Whereas, the 800XC is a good 90/10 bike.... 90% paved roads, 10% mixed gravel/fire roads and the occasional "if I have to" 2-track ATV/Jeep trail.

Also, someone mentioned the rims on the 800XC as Excel rims. They are not.

It is also important to remember that just because a suspension component has adjustments, that does not necessarily make it any better. I have a shitty little stereo that has a lot of adjustments on it but it will never sound as good as my Tannoy studio monitors that have no adjustments.... just an analogy, but something to think about nonetheless.
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