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Yeah, I'd still buy the GS

In fact that's what I did.

I had a deposit on a Tiger and even had mine sitting at the dealer. Cancelled the order and purchased another GS after a couple of test rides on the Tiger. If any of you followed the Tiger thread when they were first coming out you saw my posts and my pros and cons of each. Most of the cons mentioned here weren't deal breakers for me, although they started to add up as I learned more about the bike.

What DID make the final call for me was the steering geometry, specifically the turn-in of the steering. I keep reading how good the handling is "despite" the 21" front wheel, and that's true, the bike was so much fun on twisty roads, but it didn't handle like it had a 21" and that's what I wanted. If I didn't know better I'd say the bike felt like it had a 19" or even maybe a 17". Great on asphalt, not what I want in the dirt. If your riding is more "adventure super-moto" (did I just create a new class?) this would be the optimal bike in my opinion. As much as I wanted the Triumph to be the machine for me my heart kept telling me I wanted another GS, and I can't ignore that.

Honestly, judging by the way many ride thier GSs I'd say the triumph might be better for them, and I'm on the edge of that category myself as I don't really do anything hardcore with my GS, already tried that and found I'm happier toning it down a bit . I still don't find it as black and white of a decision as many here do but I think I leaned more to the GS side. The Tiger has a lot of things going for it and I'm not surprised most owners are ecstatic about it. Had that one issue with the turn in been different I'd have bought the Tiger and probably had a ton of fun figuring it out, despite some of what I would call design flaws for what I want in an adventure bike. At times I still catch myself thinking maybe I should have, but the last time I thought that I test rode another one and it cemented my decision for the GS.
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