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Originally Posted by Gangplank View Post
Just picked up a used one...

Went with the Pelican 1400 b/c it was closest to what I figure was the ideal size.
Ext. 13.37" x 11.62" x 6.00"
Int. 11.81" x 8.87" x 5.18" = 542.6

Should fit all my tools, the airman pump and a bottle of whiskey. Comes with the foam insert stuff so I'll make a whiskey comfy-carry compartment.
Finally got around to mounting mine the other day. What I did was actually drill and tap the SW_Moto rear cargo plate. That way the it bolts down from inside the box into the plate and then I put a locknut on the bottom. I figure that is some good security feature.

It will fit my tools and a bottle of whiskey.


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