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Rain. This will be the recurring theme over the next few days of riding. For the record, as my brother (Petrolburner) stated above, I have the Klim Traverse suit (Gore Tex) on order. Sunuvabitch. I'll be saying that a lot as I slowly get wet time after time in my shredded First Gear pants and mesh Olympia jacket. Sunuvabitch. That'll be the word of the day so y'all know I'm getting wet.

It's the 3rd of July and I've worked my overtime for the day. I'm headed to Breckenridge for the weekend cause I actually have the next two days off! Ahh home sweet home in the mountains. I have a ton of friends that still live there "livin' the dream". One of my friends hasn't had a driver's license in almost six years, but he has a $6000 mountain bike and 4 pairs of tele skis. I couldn't handle all the booze and being broke all the time. I did it for five years and survived with some damn good stories and damn good friends.

Well, Sunuvabitch. Let's get this going right.

I am taking the long way from Denver to the mountains. As always, just a loose plan and my map. These are first raindrops I encounter, but not the last. I am heading South on 85/ Santa Fe. I will turn off at Sedalia onto 67 and head to the foothills. Sunuvabitch the whole way outta Denver.

Once onto 67 the rain began to let up. A few cars would let me pass by and I'd just run into another one. I backed off the twist grip and sat in traffic headed into the mountains for the weekend. It's not so bad to go slow sometimes. The road eventually turns to gravel and I took Pine Creek down the hill to pick up the pavement of 97 along the Platte River.

The road along the Platte was peaceful for the most part. I was in a cruisin' mood and the speeds were low. Could have been all the girls in bikinis floating the river I was takin' a loooook at. Yeah, it was probably that.

I was looking for a turn off to the gravel. But I missed it. Can you guess why? The road headed uphill and my spidey sense was tingling that I was headed the wrong way. I had to pee anyways, so it was time to stop.

Good place to pee.

Yep. Missed the turn. I'm going back. I set out to ride dirt today. Back down the hill to the turn towards Stoney Pass.

This road leads through the heart of the Hayman fire area. This is what a lot of Colorado will look like after the impending fire following the beetle kill.

Info on the fire HERE.

I aired down the tires on Hobbes and we were off!

I ran into a another couple on their own adventure riding some kind of V-twin cruiser on the gravel. No helmets of course. Did you guys hear about the guy who just died riding in a helmet law protest rally? Cops said he would have easily lived if he had a helmet on. Now that is the definition of irony! Fucking idiot. Good riddance far as I'm concerned.

I left the fire area and continued along a stereotypical beautiful Colorado road. The sun was out now and I was back sucking down that tasty "go juice" only a triple can provide.

Don't see that everyday.

One with out the lake.

One with the lake.

I came back to the pavement at Bailey on 285. West! I've never done Guanella Pass, so that's on the agenda next.

Fast forward....

K. We're here. Whew. Was getting sleepy on the pavement.

BOOO!! It's paved! And getting more paved!!! What a waste of tax dollars. We cut the hell out of education but have money to pave the mountain passes so the idiots can get their RV's over it. Awesome! least the scenery is awesome.

I knew there was a lake down there. Just pointed the camera aft and clicked. Came out pretty good!

It's a cryin shame it is. Then they stick a 20mph sign there. Assholes.


Georgetown, CO Pretty badass little town. They have oval races on the frozen lake in winter. Reminds me of home.

I jumped on the interstate and met up with a good buddy that I've had for many years in Frisco, CO.

I'll abbreviate the rest of the trip since this is supposed to be a motorcycling forum. Played bean bags (like horse shoes) at the bar with John all night. Woke up and ate breakfast. Went to Breckenridge. Got in a car and went back to Frisco. Played disc golf. Threw a 7! Started drinking. Ate tacos. Gave a kid a mohawk. Decided he didn't like it and hit me with a broom. I hit him back. Left before the cops came. Rode bike around. Saw this.

Went to a Matt and Em's. Matt got really drunk and fell down the stairs two days before I got there and did this.

We all say Em got sick of him and finally used the bat. He says he fell down the stairs.


This is trouble. Zach (left) and Jeff (right). Think expensive bikes. Zach and I have known each other for 11 years and have some epic stories together. Let's just say we have been in handcuffs at the same more than once. We've been hanging out all day at this point. Time to go to the bar!! I finished the night with a $175 tab. Yep, that's how I roll on the Fourth of July. Two years ago on this day, Zach and I almost had handcuffs on. 5 years before that I woke up with one foot in the Blue River missing everything including my memories of last night. That one started with whiskey shots with who else? Zach. God I love that kid. And I don't even have time to get into some of the crazy shit we've done on snowboards together.

Next day. Of course start drinking to kill the hangover. Watch the parade.
Sat on Main St drinking for two hours after the parade was over.

Went back to Zach's and passed out for five hours. Yes, a five hour midday nap. When I woke up I was finally sober again and made the interstate drive back to Denver. No pics. And that was how I spent my two days off.
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