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Originally Posted by Alexol View Post
Please tell me about this part:

"The gauge function can be used on motors with 3 or more cylinders/intake (like a car) but the tach..."

I'm especially interested in the 3 cyclinder part and will buy immediately if I can use this (easily) on my Laverda. using the Twinmax to balance A against B, then B to C and A to A and around the houses again is a PITA!


Hi Alex,

I'm assuming you have a 3-cylinder Laverda?

The Harmonizer has only 2 ports, like the Twinmax. So for throttle synchronization in Balancer Mode you would leave one port connected to a reference cylinder (usually number 1) and synchronize numbers 2 and 3 to number 1 independently. This can be done by physically unplugging hoses and moving them or by using a valved aquarium manifold.

(something like this)

The Harmonizer is easier to use than the Twinmax, gives you calibrated numbers instead of variable arbitrary units, and has a tach display built-in.

But since it has only 2 ports, it may not solve your complaint.

I have a 4-port version in development right now, but it won't be production-ready for 4-6 months. It will allow direct synchronization of 2,3 or 4 cylinder motors without moving any connections or using any valves. It will be more expensive than the Harmonizer.

The line you quoted:
"The gauge function can be used on motors with 3 or more cylinders/intake (like a car) but the tach..."

refers to the Gauge Mode that reads a single vacuum port and displays the result in inches of mercury (inHg). This mode is different than Balance Mode and uses only one port (the other is left unconnected). It isn't too useful for synchronizing multiple cylinders. It's intended more for diagnostics and tuning single carbs or single throttle bodies.

Hope this helps!
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