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I know that you BM guys get annoyed when bad information is posted about your bikes, so I hope you'll allow me the courtesy to correct some mis-information posted on the new Tiger 800.

I haven't ridden a F800GS, but I do have a Tiger 800XC, with over 4500 miles on it now. So I won't compare the ride difference between the bikes, but post some info that I do have.

1) The Tiger 800XC DOES use EXCEL rims. No, it isn't silkscreened on the rim like on a dirt bike. The rims on an XC are black, and the words "RK Excel" are etched into the surface. It's a bit dark in the garage right now, but tomorrow I'll go out and try to get a picture of the Excel rim.

2). The Tiger isn't a copy of the F800. It was actually in concept in the year 2007 before the release of the F800. My Italian is not so good, but the dates on the drawings are pretty obvious.
BMW just got to the market first, and set the standard. Triumph had a similar idea, so it's more along the lines of convergent evolution, if you will.

3) I don't know where the 20-25 pound weight difference comes from. Maybe comparing manufacturer spec sheets?? (Which are notoriously biased?) I haven't weighed my bike, but these guys did a comparison and they appear to have weighed each bike with a full tank of gas. The difference was less than 10 pounds between the F800 and the 800XC, and even less when you take into account the .5 gallon extra weight of the 800XC.

4) The Tiger as a street-only bike? Maybe the 800 roadie version. But the 800XC is definitely dirt worthy. I've had my bike on many gravel roads, forest roads, some sand (!) and a bit of single track. For a near 500 pound machine, it handles predictably, and controllably. I bet it works even better with a knobby-type tire. And don't tell this guy that it's a road bike!

So, that's what I know so far. I think it's great to have a bit of competition in the market, and it just means improvements on both sides. Hopefully the tire manufacturers will notice the growing market segment, and give us more tire selection as well.
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