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Originally Posted by LoriKTM View Post

4) The Tiger as a street-only bike? Maybe the 800 roadie version. But the 800XC is definitely dirt worthy. I've had my bike on many gravel roads, forest roads, some sand (!) and a bit of single track. For a near 500 pound machine, it handles predictably, and controllably. I bet it works even better with a knobby-type tire. And don't tell this guy that it's a road bike!

Lori, all good points that should be mentioned.

As for the street only thing, most of us here wouldn't say the Tiger isn't dirt worthy for adventure riding, simply the GS feels like a big dirt bike in a lot of areas, from the geometry to the ergonomics where the Tiger leans more towards characteristics of a street bike. Many have pointed out these differences as to why they like the Tiger better. For me it wasn't night and day, just one was better for what I want in the dirt. If your idea of an adventure bike is something that handles and feels like a giant thumper with a larger motor in it the GS comes closer, that is good or bad depending on what you want. I was hoping the Tiger would have the same doesn't. Doesn't mean it can't work well for someone in the dirt. To the other end I get Strom guys tell me all the time how great thier bike is in the dirt, and obviously it works for them, but I have one and it's such a different experience that I can't fairly compare them, yet some of them claim it's a big dirt bike.

Nobodys saying you shouldn't enjoy your bike, just an honest comparison on feel. Had it been different I wouldn't be riding a GS right now, and I really, really wanted it to be different.
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