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Originally Posted by tehdutchie View Post
HogWild, Consider getting a Tripy II when pre running the roadbooks, a great way to verify and update the roadbook on the fly!! Has a greatoffline tool too :)
I have looked at it several times. The device looks really cool! But their website doesn't show enough to convince me it would be helpful for my approach. Since there are no maps for USA, how would I use it to make a roadbook in an area I had not ridden to yet? How does it know the kmbetween points unless I have already driven the route? I don't ride the route until AFTER I have made the initial roadbook. If I made the roadbook during or after the first prerun, I would have to go back and prerun it again to check that the roadbook was correct. Unfortnately I don't have enough vacation time to do that.

How does it take into account significant elevation changes that make the distances longer than what a flat GPS track would show?

I draw the tulip drawings at home, based on the GE images and my memory after prerunnig. There is no way I could draw them while riding the route. It takes way too much time if you want to make nice drawings. It seems thier tools allow the tulips to be drawn at home, or out on the route, which is a nice option. Maybe there is a way to combine parts of my approach with the Tripy-II approach, but I don't see it, or don't see how it would make the overall task better and easier.

If I had their unit and software in my hands, I'd surely give it a try. But the price is a bit too high for me to buy it and then find out that it didn't work for me. Maybe they would be willing to donate a unit and the software to allow me to evaluate it?
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