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A good day for riding! To bad, Fancy (the instigater or this ride) didn't get the bike done in time - sorry girl! So our group was small (perfect) and truly a mixed bag of bikes:

Alan on the GS, lgajohnymac on a plated 250 two-smoke, and my DR

Rich Mt. Fire Tower:

and off to some little "side road"

stopped to clean some hitchhikers of the bike (note the burn marks)

I didn't stop at any of the rocky sections to take pics, so all you get it mud

got around the corner to find the GS pointing my way (I did want to help - really - after I took a pic )

I had my change to help a little later on...

mud puddle (low level)

ran into some familiar faces just starting the way up, on the bottom of the trail. Hi Ralph and Lenny

a dirty bike is a happy bike!

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