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Getting Organized!

So today was one of those rare days with only a few chores and lots of shop time available, so took advantage of the opportunity. As I was working along and my natural ADD was kicking in, I began to realize what a mess the shop was. Several bikes in pieces, exhaust systems, shock absorbers and springs, tools, hardware and more spread out all over the place, yikes!

Before cleaning up the shop (or the bike for that matter) I decided to take a picture of everything as it was (this is just a small portion of the debris field);

So I took the bike outside and gave it a good bath (had not been cleaned since PIR) and then cleaned up the shop.

At this point I have checked the rear wheel travel with the new shocks and right now it's at 4.25 inches, after installing bushings on the shock rods to limit compression should be right at 4 inches, and the front end checks at just under 7 inches.

Took all the springs off my extra shocks and discovered none will fit the Works Performance shocks, so tomorrow will call and order springs tailored to the bike and my weight. At the same time will get the compression limiting bushings and after that is all assembled the suspension should be good to go.

Got the exhaust all test fit with the lower pipes and mufflers, they are lighter than the scrambler pipes, will reduce the center of gravity and have a nice sound too. Found the alternator wiring had begun melting on the back of the scrambler pipes, so will be doing more harness repairs. May end up using the donor bike harness as it is very minimal and appears well built.

Still plenty to do but making progress, have decided to continue focusing on the mechanical side of things and will set aside paint and detailing for the next winter. The "Barn Fresh" look lives on for at least one more race!

Still to do before Chehalis;

Finish shocks
Finish exhaust
Repair wiring
Change carbs
Check tune up
Change engine oil (to synthetic)
Replace some of the cables
Change front wheel (it's cracked)
Replace rear brake shoes

Right now I can't wait for the first test ride with the new shocks!
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