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Second day was a 20 minute moto on the grass track, I felt like I went a few rounds with Mike Tyson so did up some Ibuprofen and geared up for the first race.
My 89 seemed to lose water from the radiator so I raced the 11 yz 125 in the modern class. The track although smooth with almost no bumps and one natural jump is very technical because of the loose soil and no berms or ruts so cornering technic is everything. Rubber band start on a steep uphill covered in grass is not a 125's strong point but I did get off well and was able to make quite a few passes and I think I finished top 10? i actually never checked but had a great time doing something a little different.
Second race of the day was the team race and the computer picked the teams and I had a guy on a BSA 500 and an older late 70's KTM 250. Again it was a rubber band start and then you had to wait on the top of the start hill were the other rider had to sprint up and tag you to go. The BSA was first and the guy was very fast, he was way out in front when he ran up the hill and tagged me for my 3 laps, I was out in front so there was no dust and there didn't seem to be anybody behind me? than I could hear the rumble of a four stroke gaining on me and some young kid blew by me on the last lap. I came into the pits and had to do the uphill sprint in full MX gear after about 10 min of riding full bore an my feet just wouldn't move, it didn't help that my brother was trying to knock me down from a linemans stance but I made it buy him made the tag passed out in the grass and the KTM was in second place by about 10 seconds which is where we finished, second place out of 11 teams for the day.
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