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Kristof Granit
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Reliability of an Ural on 3500km?
A - 2850km from Irbit (factory) to Novorossiysk (On the Black Sea Coast)
1st Day:
15th June I went to Irbit at the Ural factory to take my Ural Gear Up, the side was assembled in the afternoon and deliver to me by 5pm, after filling the tank at the nearest station I start my journey with the first step to Ekaterinburg (241km)
2nd Day: 16/06/2011 - Ekaterinburg/Ufa -- 547km
3rd Day: 17/06/2011 - Ufa/Samara -- 419km
4th Day: 18/06/2011 - Samara/Saratov -- 437km
5th Day: 19/06/2011 - Saratov/Rostov -- 712km
6th Day: 20/06/2011 - Rostov/Novorossiysk -- 488km
Total: 2844km
Pictures of the journey:

B – 650 km - “Black Ural on the Black Sea”
Pictures of some ride, including offroad, from 21st to 2nd of July on the Black Sea coast:

Mechanical report::
According to the owner manual the first oil change is at 500km, but I have done it at 1200km and only the engine… Gear Box and final transmission at the end of the trip (…)
The first day I try to “respect” the 60km/h maxi but second day and others I drove mostly around 80km/h and at the end some time above when I need to overtake a lorry.
From the first day to the last no oil consumption, level stay at the same mark.
Day 5 in the evening, contactor for the rear “stop light” stay “on” permanently, next morning I bought some WD40 and it was solve…
Two sandows from the side-cover get broken, it will cost me less to ask a local sawyer to repair them than to send back the cover to the factory, I don’t even know if there is a guaranty on it (…)
Paint under the opening of the luggage bonnet get heavy scratch and even “disappear” in some places due to the vibrations metal/metal… I could have read more RR and prepare the bike before and also do some improvement as soon the problem appear but instead I have continue to ride…
And that’s it for the mechanical report…

Ps: By the way I never drove a side before not even a test drive…
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