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Safari Tanks ROCK !!

Just had to add some "fuel" to those considering these big f'n tanks.
My advice? Buy 'em, you'll love 'em.
Tired of 170 mile range? PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!

I pushed the range as far as I could, to empty these monster tanks,
just to see how much fuel I could actually fit in them.
I do not yet know how far I can go when the fuel light comes on,
but I'm thinking I got pretty close to really empty.

Safari advertises 10.5 gallons, and I've heard reports of 11 gallons, but.....
Holy Moly. 11-1/2 gallons

The Clear ones are just plain ugly, but on this bike, they look the part anyway.
The black ones have just gotta heat up in the sun and expand that gas.
The Orange ones look better than I expected when I ordered them.
But they are still a bit on the ugly side.
I think they look perfect for what I want from this bike.

They are a bit wider than stock to be sure,
but personally, I think they are easier for my knees to grip when standing.

At half full, the weight is actually carried lower than stock, so BETTER than stock.
When full, they are surprisingly not very noticable while riding, but noticably harder to get straightened up off the kickstand.
The front forks feel it when I hit big bumps, so I turn the knobs up on the preload just a bit when I'm full.

I'm expecting 350-400 miles range,
and rear cargo capacity is left untouched for loading up plenty of luxury camping gear.
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