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Woke up Friday to the typical mad dash of loading the bikes on the trailer and the last minute piling of shit and everything you could ever possibly need in the back of the car. (cast iron skillet? wheelbarrow? ferrets? never know!) Finally got on the road and fought 4th of july weekend traffic the entire way down. Finally made it to Bend, Oregon and Todd's house and started relocating the stuff filling the back of our Subaru Outback into the small bags on the back of our bikes. Turns out we were wearing more gear than we were going to be packing. Go figure! Got a hotel for the first night so we wouldn't have to worry about anything and could start our trip well rested and ready to go! (and caffeinated! can't forget my coffee!)

I started the next morning off right by whacking my helmet on one of the hanging plants by the lobby. We left bend by way of China Hat road. China Hat is a really fast gravel road through scraggly trees with snowy peaks faintly visible in the background. Road had lots of annoying braking bumps in it, but it made up for it by having tons of cute chipmunks. (i'm easy to please and I love critters!)

This is the view right outside Bend up on a little hill:

I never realized how many tall mountains Oregon has. Last time we drove through it must have been cloudy because we missed ALL of them. Up by Seattle the mountains are just drowned out by Rainier (yes, its THAT huge!)

We took China Hat for a long time and other various gravel roads and ended up in Fort Rock. It's been a while since I've had a geology class, so I'll quote wikipedia:
"Fort Rock was created when basalt magma rose to the surface and encountered the wet muds of a lake bottom. Powered by a jet of steam, molten basalt was blown into the air, creating a fountain of hot lava particles and frothy ash. The pieces and blobs of hot lava and ash rained down around the vent and formed a saucer-shaped ring of lapilli tuff and volcanic ash sitting like an island in the lake waters"

Photo from above because my bike can't jump that high:

Needless to say it was VERY cool.

Fort Rock in the distance....

Parking area

Someone LOVES Fort Rock!

Looking up the side of the rock face

Pretty big!

Your's Truly

Remind me to not go hiking in Sidi Crossfires again

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