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Originally Posted by Cowboy2 View Post
I am guessing that if I pull the cover off and inspect the windings it should tell me if she is good to go or not. Any thoughts on that? I don't want to blast off on a 6000 mile trip with windings that look like they have been dipped in tar.


One thing you could try is to check the output of the alternator using the method described in this thread:

If your alternator is weak it may be showing lower voltages... Joel said something about 18 volts but I have heard conflicting numbers. If I remember I will go check out what my new alternator is putting out when I get home and post it up here tonight.

I'm not sure if the problem can be detected before failure or not... Worth a look though!

FYI... my alternator went out at 17,000 miles But it was replaced by BMW under warranty and ran fine on my 3k mile trip I just got back from
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