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RevZilla and Schuberth looked into my leaking pinlock issue, and Patrick got back to me today. The theory is that my Dudley DooRight chin puts pressure on the wind collar (the little velcroed piece up front) which not only made closing the chin guard a complicated maneuver involving both thumbs and four fingers, but which also made it difficult to close the visor to the snap lock position. Plus since I had to remove the pinlock several times to wipe the water out, the small silicon seal was not as effective as new.

Patrick suggested removing the velcroed piece to give myself more clearance. As luck would have it, we had a pretty significant rain this afternoon and it seems to have made a difference. RevZilla is also replacing the pinlock in the hope that a newer silicon seal will prevent any recurrence of the leakage issue. The SRC dried out completely and is now working fine.

Gawd I love these guys!

Now if they could just tell me a trick to keep the damned visor up till 50mph or so...
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