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So after hanging around at crackintheground and taking pictures of the motorcycles from every conceivable angle in front of various rocks and bits of shrubbery... it was time to keep on riding!

This is the fabled Fandango road that our tank bags are named after.

That doesn't look too bad! lets go!

Fandango road is wide and gravel and runs through a valley with hills covered in sagebrush on both sides. The road conditions kept getting worse the further we went until it turned into nothing but braking bumps and babyhead rocks. I don't usually mind babyhead rocks, but I didn't adjust my suspension for the additional weight of luggage so it handled like a water balloon on roller skates in addition to the presence of luggage keeping me from moving around as much as I need to. Let it be known that if you plan on doing this, I'd start in the morning.. we hit it after lunch and it just got hot as hell and there are NO TREES here... beautiful ride, but by this point I was already getting tired and a tad cranky.. and then I got hot and frustrated. Not a good combo. on the plus side there were a couple totally random oddball lakes and lakebed areas to check out!

I was, once again, glad I bought a skidplate. I used it! (and then I hit a rock sideways and ended up sideways inside of a giant bush... but.. these things do happen)

Blinkerfluid on the 690.

One of those dry lakebeds. There were random patches of black rock strewn about the hillsides. I love this Oregon geology!

Action shot! SHAZAM!

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