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In emergencies/ long trips, You can fix this problem by the side of the road -

Take a spare bearing and seal with you - you probably won't need the seal -

wheel and rear brake caliper off - undo the bevel case - ( you can leave the abs sensor in place)

Pull the cover off, be careful that the crownwheel doesn't drop out of the case onto the floor

you may have crap like this inside - you may have nothing

Push the crown wheel gear out from the cover - it's only the seal holding it in place

This bearing is toast - but there was no play at all in the rear wheel, just a vibration and rumble when the wheel was rotated

The hardest part is removing the old bearing, you can do it with a couple of small braod faced drifts, keep hitting it around the edges under the bearing and it will gradually lift - obviously don't worry about damaging the old bearing : )

Put the new bearing on the exhaust down pipes, with the engine running, while your removing the old bearing - you want it very hot

when it's very hot ( if there are a few bikes, take it in turns to move the bearing from one bikes exhaust to another ) take the bearing and drop it onto the crown wheel - if it's hot enough, it'll just drop all the way down -

Sorry, image shack has decided to go off line, i'm missing lots of pictures - i'll post the rest later -
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