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Another nice beautiful sunny day in Durban but I must admit im getting sick of bacon and eggs for breakfeast, but hooked in anyway just started with cereal for bashing down the eggs and bacon.

After breakfeast I went back and chilled for awhile, one problem of eating such a big breakfeast I feel like crashing out again or at the very least lieing down ha ha good one fat boy any excuse.

Caught up with Vern and told him that I would be heading up to Krugar National Park tomorrow to their lodge and maybe stay at St Lucia on the way up. He just said leave it with me and ill organise everything. Asked him how much it is and he said not to worry about that. It was only by chance I stayed here, the guesthouse in my gps down the road there was no one home, the next one was full and ended up here, I'm so glad i did, they are such a nice family. Vern invited me back down to the Virginia Aero Club for a drink later in the afternoon so will be heading out with the crew again.

I jumped on the bike and headed down to Gateway to buy some more internet data credits, man that place is huge but knowing where to go this time made it alot easier. Had a bit more of a walk around got a drink and some money out of the bank to pay my bill and then headed over to the service station to get some fuel.

The servos over here are not just drive up self service then walk in and pay they have attendants that do everything for you, I guess they must have heaps of runners so you actually have to get a guy to swipe a card on the bowser before you can use it.

Waited a few minutes for someone to come and serve me, obviously some servos are better than others, there were quite a few disgruntled people waiting for fuel at this one and by the looks of it the guys supposed to be serving they weren't to fussed as they were all just hanging around jibbering. In the end i thought stuff it hopped back on my bike and pissed off.

Got home and then dropped some stuff off and then headed for the Aero club to hook up with the crew. In the two times Ive been at the club ive met some really friendly people.

Today one of Verns friends JJ who I got talking to has invited me to a corporate box for next saturdays Sharks v Bulls Rugby game, apparently its the big local derby here, im not right up on the South African Currie Cup but have watched some of it on Fox back home in oz, so next Saturday ive got VIP tickets to the airshow and then im off to the Currie Cup, will be a big day. Worries me a little bit as I know ive still got some issues with when I get tired, its like i dont get any choice everything just shuts down and it happens quickly. I've certainly lost alot of confidence when it comes to doing things like that especially when I dont have control on when I can come and go, well I always have control but I would hate to be rude and back door it, im sure it will be ok i'll just make sure im rested up before hand.

Its all just part of the recovery process that is taking longer than I thought to overcome, it's probably more a confidence thing that's all, I know I hear ya harden up princess.

Tomorrow morning im heading off to Kruger National Park about 600k's north of here so I came home from the club and packed the bike up ready to go, it takes about 30 or 40 minutes to do so basically all I have to do is have breakfeast and jump on the bike and go in the morning.

Doesent look like im going to catch up with Alexa and Channing which is a shame I really enjoyed their company but hopefully when I get back ill see them. I actually really like Durban, I know I havent been to many places yet but this is really nice here and feel very comfortable. So far the people I have met in South Africa have been absolutley wonderful, all so friendly and helpful im sure there is a bad element here somewhere but I havent seen one bit of it.

The adventure continues in the morning, Im really looking forward to getting to Kruger National Park everyone i've talked to has amazing stories of the animals they have seen there so it shoud be great, though I dont want to get to excited, you know how things have a tendency to let you down when you are expecting something special, in the wash up we are dealing with wild animals here, they dont work to scripts just for the sake of some tourist so ill take what I get and be happy. When you hear of South Africa you hear of Kruger National Park so im sure it will be good.

Gave one of the young fellas a sit on the bike and let him start it then took a few pictures and printed them out for him they were quite happy with that then headed back to my room to watch tv and chillax.
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