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image shack is back on line -

bearing drops straight back on the crown wheel - if it doesn't you'll have to take it off and get it hotter - SO if it doesn't want to drop on all the way,take it off and heat it up hotter -

Put the cover over the crown wheel ( use the old shim ) and replace in the opposite way you removed all the parts .

If the seal wasn't leaking - leave the old seal in place, including the large outer cover "O" ring , you don't want to be messing around doing a perfect workshop job, you just want to carry on with your trip, or get to where your going. Then you can do the proper job.
Even if you can't do it yourself, take a bearing and seal with you ( takes up no space and very little money) , you'll always be able to find a workshop that can do the job, if you've got the correct bearing and seal to hand.
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