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Day 1

Today is Friday July 8th 2011. I hardly slept last night. Whether it was due to pre ride gitters or the lightning bolts of pain shooting up and down my left leg is debatable. My alarm finally goes off at six am. I have been awake for hours but wouldn't allow myself to get up and start my journey in the dark. Too much danger from unseen deer, otherwise known as road rats in this part of the country.

I had packed the bike last night. My load is a small as I can make it. I am carrying both camping gear and trout fishing gear. Along with the basic tools and spare parts one should possess for extended rides from home. This results in quite a load. About as much as I can possibly pack into the saddle bags and onto the rear rack. I am thankful that I chose the mid weight spring from Top Gun Motorcycles when I redid my rear shock a couple years ago.

I have hardly ridden my bike at all this year. Less than 200 miles on it since winter, I am heading out to do five times that in the span of a week. I had done some mods including a thermo bob. I am running a half burnt up k760 in the rear and a stocker front. I downloaded some maps including the VV mapping base maps and the UPAT routes in hopes that I can do some trail riding on the way back. I have constructed a carefully planned route to avoid the interstate once I get into the lower peninsula.

I get up, get dressed and do one final preflight on the bike before departing. My wife snaps this picture on my way out the door.

I have a heaviness in my stomach that won't seem to go away.....whether that is from nerves or last nights dinner of brats and sauerkraut remains to be seen....
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