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Day 1 Part 4

I stop at a road side park in Germfask, Michigan to give my knee a break. I lay out on the grass for a bit and doze off. I awake in about an hours time and give the bike a once over. I notice that the oil is a bit low but the coolant expansion bottle is remarkably low. The coolant bottle read empty in the indicator window, pulling the cover off showed about a 1/4" left in the bottom. A quick inspection reveals that the hose clamp on the top end of the by pass hose for the thermobob was not sufficiently tightened when I installed it. Try as I might I am unable to tighten the clamp with the tank on the bike.

This picture was taken at a later date. At the time I discovered the leak the whole hose was damp with coolant dripping out of the connection. The clamp in question is at the very top, center of the picture.

I am forced with a decision. Do I ride on and hope it doesn’t fail catastrophically or do I stay here and spend a couple hours fixing it? I am pretty much in the middle of nowhere. The nearest auto parts store to my knowledge is about 100 miles in either direction. But I have the tools, parts, protection from the sun and most importantly access to clean water in case the repair goes bad resulting in the loss of all my coolant. I decide to tear it down.

A gratuitous picture of KL-caRnage

In the back ground you can see my riding pants laying where I took a snooze.

About halfway through the repair an older couple from Texas with their air stream trailer stop by and check on me. I say that everything is okay but they still hang around for over an hour until it looks like the repair is mostly completed. The man checks in several times to make sure everything is going okay. This is not the first time that a Texan has offered help during a break down. Is everyone that friendly in Texas??

Finally I get the bike back together. I hook up a bike IV with my camelbak rigged up beer bong style. I scribble notes in several places in my maintenance log to be sure to triple check the coolant rating before winter. The bike is stored inside but you never know. Chalk it up to mechanical 'what-ifs' I guess.

I repack the bike, again, this time positioning the load even further back in hopes of more cockpit room.

After a refill of water and a handful of GORP it is time to get back on the road.

The weather is getting hotter......I hate hot....

Fly Rods, Kids and a KLR

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