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Some pictures and short reports from daily rides in the area of Novorossiysk on the russian Black Sea :

Myskhako is a place famous for the vineyard:

Kabardinka :

UAZ for tourists, every summer you will see a lot of those UAZ carrying the tourists inside the forest to see the cascades and on top the hills.

Just when I enter in town Isaw one Ural “special police”, make an u-turn, stop by and ask the policeman if I can take some pictures, he agree and just ask me to wait until he finish the ticket for the scooter. By the time a second Ural arrive… There is only 2 in the Region of Krasnodar and I was lucky to saw them:


Sumer time

Nissan GTR, Ural Gear Up , Audi A8 W12...

26/06/2011 – Yuzhnaya-Ozereevka

28/06/2011 - Abrau-Dyurso
Went for a little ride, but in fact it took me 7hours… Not so many kilometers but slowly slowly mostly in first or second gear… Off road tracks with stones or mudd. As usual went without map or GPS, until “Utrish” I have already been there and there is track to “Sukko” and then “Anapa”, but somewhere in the forest I turn to the right following a thalweg I was thinking it was going through the montagns instead of turning to the left (sea) were you can find the “good” track…
(I know, it’s funny to see somebody “lost” less than 40km from the house when you have just done almost 3000km without any problems from the Ural to the Black Sea…)
In the middle of the forest I let the way for two young’s guys on their bike, and then they were stopped 100m in front. They wanted me to pass “first” in a muddy area to “check the deepness” (…), they were going to Utrish to have some fun at the beach. I have two options going back alone and trying to get the good track to Sukko with their indications or following them to the top of the hill then back by the road I know, it was late and I choose the second option.

Durso :



Shop in the middle of nowhere:


02/07/2011 – Novorossiysk 7th Winds
This time I didn’t get “lost” like during my previous ride in the forest, I just get stuck…
A reasonable owner of bike even a 2WD Ural will reverse in front of a long muddy area but I am not reasonable and still on my learning curve: “how to drive an Ural…”
When you pass a place with mud then a second you are still confident that nothing will stop you (except yourself…) and I went straight in a deeper spot…
Hopefully there was a phone coverage and I can call my friends for some help… They told me to wait one hour. 50 minutes later I heard an engine but instead of my friends it was a Chinese jeep “Great Wall –H oover”, as I was blocking the access the owner tow me out, but get “afraid” with this part and prefer to go back…
I restart but after 100m once again I went on the side and impossible to move… but my friends arrive and tow me to the main road…

Once in town I went to the car wash, usually I prefer to do it myself, avoiding putting too much water on the engine, but this time I let the boy and nevertheless the engine start at the second attempt…


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