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I finally make it to a place to camp. I end up at the Canoe Harbor state forest campground. Here is a link to some information on the Mason Tract if you have never heard of it before.

First order of business is getting a fire going to cook dinner. Usually I search out natural tinder and do it right. This time I am so hungry I rip the trioxane tablets out of my survival kit and just pile sticks, limbs and logs on top of them. Lady luck smiles on me and the lighter that has been bouncing around in my tool kit for about 10,000 miles catches on the first strike. I break up a brick of ramen noodles into my coffee pot, toss in the seasoning and some water. While that concoction boils I start setting up he rest of my camp.

It is a pretty spacious location. I picked this site because of the number of trees for hanging my hammock. This is my first trip where I use the hammock for primary shelter. It packs smaller than a tent/sleeping pad/rain fly. There is a 10'x10' square of tyvek wrapped around my sleeping bag to protect it fraom rain/road grit and double as a rain shelter at night. You can see it here on the ground behind the picnc table.

Here is a view from the other side.

Dinner consists of the ramen noodles and a can of alaskan pink salmon. Sounds good at first but the texture later seems a bit unappetizing. I eat the noodles and about half the salmon. The rest goes into the woods for the raccoons.

I finish setting up the camp. I am less than a quarter mile from some of the best trout fishing in lower Michigan but my knee is throbbing so severely I don't think I could make the distance even if I crawled it.

I start fiddling with my gear to make things more space efficient.

I have dropped my bike a couple times in the past and once broke the nub off the end of my clutch lever. Two years later I still haven't swapped it out for a new one but I do now carry a spare. Usually it rides in my tire inflation kit but I decided I'd try tapping it to the left front crash guard. I add a small zip tie for back up. I am not totally sold on this location yet. I may try finding a spot somewhere on the frame under the plastics.

The tire has worn since I last looked at it. This morning the twin knobs had a definite division between them, at least a 1/8" deep. Now they are just a solid bar across the tire. I wonder how thick the carcass is after the knobs disappear? I may be running a semi-slick by the time I get back home.

I spend the rest of the night sitting by the fire and drinking water to rehydrate. My camelbak ran dry about an hour south of the bridge and I never stopped to refill it.

I go to be early and watch the sun set from the mosquito free comfort of my hammock. The NOAA weather station on my 2 meter calls for a clear night and I don't both putting up the tyvek tarp. It is noisy as hell anyway. I take a couple Tylenol PM to help with the knee pains and getting to sleep.

I wake up several times during the night as people come and go to the river in search of trout. I wake up at about 3 in the morning to the sounds of something rustling in the bushes. Shinning my head lamp in the direction reveals a fawn white tail deer finishing up the remains of that can of pink salmon. Whatever floats your boat I guess. If you are ever in the area and see a deer chest deep in the river chasing trout you can blame it on me.
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