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Originally Posted by WaterWheel View Post
Go Ned, go!
What he said

Hopefully there will be no stigma attached to helping with funds from my vast criminal empire. That should be good for a new pair of socks, anyways

But I will do what I can, because this is

Best of luck, and I look forward to following your Bled, Nog...oh, fuck it, the words you write that we will read

PS - Please keep the orange colored motorcycle bits to the absolute minimum...I have a weak stomach

PPS - If I read one single sentence about: "I am really doing this for the poor orphans toiling in the acid mines of Peru, and if you give generously I will donate all my used master links to them or at least bribe someone to toss a few down the open mineshaft"...I will personally stand next to the course and throw Llama shit at you

Go racing, mate

- Jinx

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