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Day 6 part 1

Today we ride the Greenhorn Mountain area, then head southwest to Medano Pass and the Great Sand Dunes National Park, head back north to the southern section Rainbow Trail and begin our hike to Humbolt Peak.

Leaving Ophir Campground:

our little friend here made our night a nightmare. The kittie was up all night walking and meowing and even crawled inside the motorhome through a screen door...

Heading to Greenhorn Mountain:

Greenhorn Mountain ahead with its flat top distinguishable from miles away:

Late breakfast of hot chocolate and cliff bars:

Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Medano Pass in the background:

We descended from Greenhorn on some of the many trails in the area:

It's steeper than it looks etc, etc,

There were simply too many trails to explore and so little time....Probably two days of full riding around here. We didn't see a soul.

Here we already crossed the valley between Greenhorn and the Sangre de Cristo's. Some of the trails we wanted to take for a more direct route to Medano Pass ended up being private roads, so we had to ride to Gardner first. Things start getting a little sandier:

We didn't take too many pictures on the way down; we were a bit nervous...already having been alerted as to how deep and dry the sand was and surprised about how deep the creek crossings were, the water being murky so we couldnt' tell the depth...and neither one of us was volunteering to walk them first....Re sand, our plan was to drop the gear as soon as things got nasty...

Which we did right around this corner with the sand dunes ahead:

By now we were exhausted, very low on fuel and hungry:

Adventure riding in the US sometimes has its benefits; food (great burgers here at the Oasis BTW):

and fuel:

A couple of months later flying from Salt Lake City to Dallas, I went right over Great Sand Dunes National Park and Medano Pass:

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