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so I awoke on Saturday to a glorious sunny day. Mrs OSJ was taking the kids to a wedding shower later in the day so she didn't need to be up early. I left the house on the SS heading to my office to switch bikes.

I don't usually keep my bikes at home..too many of the kids toys in the shed for my stuff. I like that because I leave for work in the truck only to hop on the bikes when I want to play feels so much better that way

Okay, so I do a quick check on the droid to see if any tags have become available...and low and behold the ADV Mass tag is right up the road. So a quick detour thru Princeton leads me to this spot...

Amazingly I have full service and 3g at this remote location so I snag the tag while sitting right there. No file photos allowed on this one so I gotta keep riding to find something new to post up, but first I'm hungry!

I stop at Westminster Café, homemade has is listed on the black board special. I love hash!

However I'm sorry to report this was not a very good breakfast, and the hash was a disappointment.

But complaining about a bad breakfast on a day your riding isn't allowed in our I shocked it off and got back on the bike. A quick ride west on RT2 would lead me to the beginning of the TMT in Greenfield. The only problem with that was the traffic on 2 was bad, Seems a huge group of bikes, ya know the kind that ride side by side were riding 5 below the speed limit and the 4 cars in between me and them could pass. I was riding behind this group!

I couldn't take it anymore so when I noticed a road to my left going over the Miller river I took it. It was a good choice because this bridge would be my new tag to post up.

and I also love taking photo's of bridges and bikes together, I even have a trip report about them here.

But I still wasn't at the start of the trail just yet, I needed to ride thu
Millers Falls and into Greenfield. Just a few miles south of route two I find myself on the start of the trail

who the hell am I?
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