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now before we go any further let me tell you how much off road riding experience I have.

Thats about it.

Okay, if I had to give you a number I would say maybe 1,000 miles of dirt road experience and no off road riding in my life. Like dirt bikes or 4 wheelers.

However after riding the TMT I would say that is exactly the type of dirt riding I love. That's what I pictured doing when I bought the KLR.

Now this ride isn't just all dirt, there are some paved sections that get you between the dirt roads, true for most riding like this in New England. Even the paved sections are beautiful

There are many old cemetery's along this route, some are out in the middle of nowhere while others are just outside of village centers.

There's even a few bridges on the route, one goes over the MA pike (interstate 90), although the bridge is paved the road on either side is dirt.

There are countless farms along the way, with spectacular views from some.

I had forgotten my regular camera so all I had was my droid phone. Which had issues with the battery so I was turning it off and on while riding. Which didn't allow me to stop and take as many photo's as I wanted. All the more reason to plan another trip soon.

I did find a nice spot to find some lunch..

a nice corned beef and coleslaw sammie today..Rein's was much better, but I had a nice spot for this one.

who the hell am I?
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