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along the way I would pull over and consult my old school GPS

yes thats a map book that I brought. When I started riding 28 years ago we didn't have GPS's but we did have paper maps..and big tank bags. I never went anywhere without either. Today I never ride without my gps but I always carry a paper map or maps as well. I usually don't take a Delorme Atlas because of its size, but I had transfered the trail onto my map so I stuck it on the back for the ride

I didn't see any other motorcycles on the route, but I did see a whole bunch of these guys..

some waterfalls

and a whole bunch of barns

But one thing caused me to turn around to check it out, and while I was sitting here taking a little break I came up with a new idea for a tag game. This was in the middle of no where, and if your traveling north along the route you might miss it, it will be on your right in that case.

I had been carrying this little ducky along with me since I bought the KLR. After a couple thousand winter miles he was getting pretty dirty. One of my riding buddies named him Dirty Duck. I thought he would like to meet some other dirty bike riders.

So when you riding down this road...

You will see this tree....

Hanging out right next to it is Dirty Duck

You can clearly see the old chimney across the street. I'm pretty sure its the only one along the route.

Dirty Duck even has his own thread...see it here

The rest of the trail I had no camera, my phone's battery had finally died. I reached the CT line and did a quick search on my gps for the nearest Radio Shack, cant do that with your paper maps in the middle of nowhere no can you?

Turns out I was only 10 min away so I did a quick detour to pick up a car charger.

I know Mrs OSJ would be very nervous if I didn't let her know I was done the trail and heading home. I didn't want to just slab home, so I had planned out a back road route to get me from Barkhamstead CT to West Boylston MA.

The only stop I made was at a fuel station in Southwick for some fuel for me and the bike...

i rolled into the driveway around 7pm tired as all hell!

Michelle and the kids were in the pool, it didn't take me long to ge my suit on and join them all. The water was 87 degrees! It was an awesome way to end such a great day of riding.
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